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Phoenix Contact Single Pair Ethernet | Tech Specs

September 24, 2020 by TTI, Inc

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Phoenix Contact Single Pair Ethernet

Single pair ethernet, or SPE, is a standardized connector designed for use in industrial environments, enabling sensors, actuators, and other equipment to be connected directly to ethernet networks, eliminating the need for fieldbus protocols and gateways. 

As the name implies, SPE requires just two wires, compared to eight wires on standard ethernet, resulting in smaller and lighter cabling and connectors while still achieving data rates up to 1 gigabit per second and distances up to 1000 meters. They also support Power over Data Lines technology to deliver up to 50W over the same pair of wires, and SPE can use existing cable infrastructure to connect 4 times as many devices. 

Phoenix Contact offers latching and threaded single port SPE connectors for IP20 and IP67 environments, enabling the use of SPE in all areas of the factory. 

  • IEC 63171-2 (IP20) and IEC 63171-5 (IP67) standardized connectors and cables 
  • Connect factory equipment directly to ethernet, eliminating fieldbus protocols/gateways 
  • Data rates up to 1Gbps and distances up to 1,000m 
  • PoDL enables power delivery up to 50W 
  • Single connector 
  • Latching and M8 threaded versions available 

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