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Phoenix Contact PTCM Connector | Tech Specs

June 20, 2019 by TTI, Inc

Discover what makes the PTCM Connector family the best choice for your next project.

This episode of Tech Specs is part of a video series highlighting the features, applications, and technical specs of newly-released products.

Phoenix Contact PTCM Connector 

Past performance is a good indicator of future performance. That’s why Hollywood loves sequels, and it’s part of the reason Phoenix Contact developed the PTCM connector product family. PTCM connectors are based on the PTSM family but use crimp contacts compatible with hand and automated assembly techniques, enabling very quick wire terminations and cost-effective cable assemblies.

The contacts can handle 26 to 18 AWG wires and available on reels for automated processing, with 6 amps and 160 volt UL ratings. The PTCM family has 2 to 8 positions on a 2.5-millimeter centerline pitch with wire-to-board and wire-to-wire options. Its white housing is ideal for lighting applications as well as building automation, security and alarms, and industrial controls. The connectors are also 100% compatible with existing PTSM series connectors.

  • Cost-effective crimp connection
  • 26 AWG to 18 AWG
  • UL ratings: 6A, 160V
  • 2 to 8 positions
  • 2.5mm centerline
  • 100% compatible with push-in PTSM family

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