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Molex Perma-Seal Terminals

Molex Perma-Seal terminals and splices can withstand a wide range of environmental hazards and they’re available for wire sizes 8 to 22 gauge. The Perma-Seal family uses a crimp on, heat-shrinkable NiAc insulator with a hot melt adhesive on the inner wall. This third generation NiAc insulator is thicker and shrinks faster than competing insulators, and the adhesive melts and flows as the insulator shrinks around the wire, filling any voids and sealing the connection. The connection is then insulated, protected, and sealed against physical abuse, abrasion, water, salt, and a whole workbench of corrosive chemicals.

  • Available for wire sizes 8 to 22 AWG
  • Third generation NiAc insulator
  • Hot melt adhesive fills voids, heals splits from crimping
  • Significantly thicker wall than polyolefin or nylon for excellent durability
  • Shrinks up to 40% faster for lower installation cost and reduced risk of wire insulation damage
  • Protects against physical abuse, abrasion, water, salt, and other corrosive compounds

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