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Nano Dimension Dragonfly IV | AAC Digital Datasheet

February 08, 2022 by All About Circuits

AAC’s Digital Datasheet video series introduces the specs and applications of components—both new and familiar—straight from their datasheets.

Nano Dimension Dragonfly IV

The Dragonfly IV is a one-stop fabrication system for Additive Manufacturing Electronics (AME) producing functional circuits and devices that reshape an electronics’ form factor, performance, and development cycle.

This system allows users to employ new levels of resolution to trace widths, spacing, and vias and leverage dielectric and conductive inks to multi-level and multi-lateral base fabrication to generate complex board layouts, virtually limitless routing topologies, and arbitrary 3D structures.

By transforming the production process from analog to digital with a seamless design-to-manufacturing and process optimization via the Flight Software Suite, the Dragonfly IV advances innovation in the electronics market.

By leveraging the full solution, the Dragonfly IV enables the integration of 3D elements in PCB, 3D designed high-performance electronic devices (Hi-PEDs), as well as the insertion of packaged or bare die, vertically integrated, and embedded ICs.

When an application demands a component or board with a complex 3D electro-mechanical construction, a proof-of-concept model with a quick turn-around time, or a simplified design-to-production process with room for iterative improvements, the Dragonfly IV easily meets these requirements for future-proof electronics systems and high-end devices.

For more information, visit Nano Dimension.

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