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NEUTRIK USA powerCON® TRUE1 TOP Connector | Featured Product Spotlight

July 06, 2022 by Mouser Electronics

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Neutrik True Outdoor Protection powerCON® TRUE1 TOP Connectors are specially designed for demanding outdoor applications.

These ruggedized sealed connectors are IP65 rated, UV resistant, and certified to UL 50E enclosure type 4 for a heavy duty sealed power connector in harsh and demanding environments.

They can be mated and unmated under live load.

Through the use of high impact UV-resistant materials and the ability to be mated and unmated under live loads, – powerCON TRUE1 TOP connectors are true mains connectors with breaking capacity.

The spring-loaded, sealing, self-closing caps shut automatically after unplugging the cable connector and seal the chassis connectors against dust and water.

–Inlet and outlet connectors replace appliance couplers wherever a very rugged solution in combination with a locking device is needed in order to guarantee a safe power connection with – robust cable retention. An easy and reliable twist lock system enables – 20 amp single-phase connections.

With a rated voltage of 250 VAC, a durability of over 5000 mating cycles, and an operating temperature range from -30oC to 80oC, the powerCON® TRUE1 TOP connectors are ideal for heavy duty and harsh environment applications, including entertainment equipment such as PA systems, signs, and LED screens or lighting fixtures.

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