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NorComp 172 D-Sub Connectors | Featured Product Spotlight

November 06, 2022 by Mouser Electronics

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NorComp 172 D-Sub Connectors

The NorComp 172 series D-Subminiature connectors are rugged, high profile connectors.

These connectors are available in 5 industry sizes and positions including 9, 15, 25, 37, and 50 pin configurations with two or three rows.

The nickel shells have indents to provide grounding and additional retention.

Non-removable screw machined contacts offer a high reliability connection while slide locks are also available for a rapid mate in applications that require frequent connections in hard-to-reach mounting locations.

The shells of these d-subminiature connectors can either be steel or nickel plated while the insulator is comprised of a UL-rated glass-filled thermoplastic material.

Brass or Gold flash plated machined contacts offer a high integrity electrical connection. The minimum mating cycles ratings for these connectors will vary based upon the plating thickness and material.

Terminal styles include solder, solder cup, and through-hole with straight or vertical mounting angles available.

The NorComp 172 series D-Subminiature connectors are ideal for use in communication, instrumentation, medical, computers, peripherals, commercial, test labs, and gaming applications.

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