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AMPHENOL SINE SYSTEMS PanelMate™ AT/ATP Connector | Featured Product Spotlight

April 13, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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Amphenol Sine Systems PanelMate™ AT/ATP series of environmentally sealed heavy-duty panel mount receptacles are designed for heavy equipment, transportation, marine, and industrial applications as well as other harsh-environment applications where connectors are exposed to lubricating oils, hydraulic fluids, and fossil fuels.

PanelMate™ AT/ATP series connectors are the panel mount version of the proven AT and ATP series connectors. They feature a sealed thermoplastic housing with a flange that enables rapid and secure mounting to the panel using self-threading screws.

Connectors are available with 2 or 4 mounting holes that are offered in multiple key or color-coding options with custom colors available. 

The housing has an integrated latch that provides secure mating in high shock and vibration environments. With the connectors rated for 50g shock and 20g vibration. 

PanelMate™ AT series connectors achieve IP67 ceiling in the mating condition, while the PanelMate™ ATP series achieves IP68 ceiling in 1m of water for 24 hours again in the mating condition. The connectors are rated for -55°C to +125°C. The PanelMate™ AT series is available with 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 12 positions with size 16 contacts, with 13 position variants using size 12 or size 16 contacts. 

The PanelMate™ ATP series meanwhile is offered with 2 or 4 positions using size 12 contacts. Contacts are offered in solid or stamped varieties. Size 16 contacts can carry up to 13A and accept 14-28 AWG wire, while size 12 contacts can carry up to 25A and accept 10-14 AWG wires. The connectors also have secondary wedgelocks to secure the contacts and have 1500V dielectric withstand. 

To learn more about Amphenol Sine Systems PanelMate™ AT/ATP series of environmentally sealed, heavy duty connectors, visit

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