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Phoenix Contact M23 Hybrid Circular Connectors | Featured Product Spotlight

October 31, 2019 by Mouser Electronics

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Phoenix Contact M23 Hybrid Circular Connectors

Phoenix Contact M23 Hybrid Circular Connectors are a compact and rugged single connector solution for power, control, and networking transmission in industrial applications.

The all-in-one solution simplifies the installation process, occupies less panel space, and reduces cabling when compared to using separate connectors. The connectors are configured with four 2.0mm power contacts, plus a centrally located 2.0mm protective earth contact, with each contact rated for up to 30A and 850VDC or 630VAC. 

There are also four 1.0mm signal contacts carrying up to 80A at 50V, and four 0.8mm data contacts supporting CAT 5e 100Mbps ethernet. The four data contacts can also be swapped for four additional signal contacts.

The robust M23 circular connectors are designed for reliable performance in industrial settings and other harsh applications. Specific applications include servo motors and daisy-chaining for building automation and industrial automation environments. The metal housing provides mechanical ruggedness and 360°C EMI shielding. 

The connectors offer protection up to IP67 when mated, enabling their use in wet environments. They’re also rated for a -40°C to +125°C operating temperature range.

Phoenix Contact offers M23 Hybrid Circular connectors in cable connector, coupler, and panel mount versions, addressing cable-to-cable and cable-to-machine use cases. 

The panel-mount housings are available in straight and right-angle variants, with right-angle housings rotatable for easier cable alignment. An optional SPEEDCON locking mechanism provides fast mating, and all housings can be fitted with male and female crimp contacts. 

For more information on the all-in-one M23 HYBRID connectors from Phoenix Contact, visit

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