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Phoenix Contact Axioline P | Featured Product Spotlight

June 06, 2022 by Mouser Electronics

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Phoenix Contact Axioline P

Phoenix Contact’s Axioline P is a high-availability I/O system that consists of redundant PROFINET bus couplers as well as digital and analog I/O modules.

With extended temperature ranges and hot swappable intrinsically safe I/O modules, Axioline P is designed to meet the demands of the process industry with a modular block design and the ability to select and use only needed components.

The Axioline P features a fast connection of PROFIBUS PA segments using fieldbus power supply modules, easy integration of standard and intrinsically safe I/O modules, a hot swappable local bus system for superior availability, and the consistent use of push-in connection technology. A standard I/O module can be directly combined while the easy connection of shielded cables can be accomplished with the corresponding shielding set.

The Axioline P combines the need for modular connectivity to various networks and protocols, and the ability to add additional standard and/or intrinsically safe I/Os to the same modular station. Combining these two functions helps minimize rail usage and reduce Ethernet nodes communicating back to the Distributed Control System.

The overall station can be broken down into three pieces: bus interface, proxy, and I/O. The bus interfaces are available in two variants: one supports the I/O only, while the other supports it all. The proxy is modular and allows the user to connect up to eight PROFIBUS PA segments to the bus interface, while the I/O modules are available for standard or intrinsically safe applications with variants able to read and write digital or analog signals.

The Axioline P has compliance with CE, UL, EX, Marine, and Class A certifications. Phoenix Contact Axioline P is supported for S2, R1, and R2 system redundancy.

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