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Phoenix Contact CCS C-Line DC Charge Cables | Featured Product Spotlight

August 30, 2022 by Mouser Electronics

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Phoenix Contact CCS C-Line DC Charge Cables

Phoenix Contact’s CCS Type 1 & 2 C-Line DC Charging Cables are designed for Mode 4 charging modes and locations where high-charge power is not needed but DC charging is preferred over AC.

DC charging saves on expensive electronics in the electric car, and is also faster and more efficient making these cables ideal in private to semi-public applications where private carports, company restaurant and retail parking lots, and public parking garages may have access to lower power DC charging. In these locations, customers can spend 30 minutes to a few hours charging their vehicles -- more than enough time for the CCS C-line charging cables.

With a nominal charging power from 40 kilowatts to 80 kilowatts and charge currents up to 80 amps, the CCS C-line DC Charging cables offer high-level capability and reduced charge time compared to AC charge cables.

The C-line CCS cables are available in the 4 m to 7 m range and have an ambient operating temperature from -30°C to 50°C. The signal contacts are rated for 2 amps at 30 VAC with a 1000 VDC rating for the power contacts.

The silver-plated surfaces of the power and signal contacts ensure efficient power transmission, optimum corrosion protection and a long service life. Integrated temperature sensor technology offers precise temperature measurement directly at the power contacts so the charging process can be interrupted in the event of overheating to protect the user from danger and the charging station from damage.

With a cable built in accordance with DIN EN 50620, the VDE-certified charging cable is specially designed for use in e-mobility applications. The sophisticated sealing concept ensures continuous longitudinal water tightness that prevents moisture from penetrating the charging connector or the cable.

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