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Nexperia Zenar Diodes | Tech Specs

February 09, 2021 by TTI, Inc

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Nexperia Zenar Diodes

Nexperia offers more than 1500 Zener diode part numbers, with standard leaded, leadless, and glass package surface mount parts. 

This includes working voltages from 2 volts to 105 volts, with narrow working voltage tolerances, enabling customized, effective protection, regulation, and reference functions in high density designs. Diodes are offered with current ratings up to 500mA and total power dissipation up to 1500mW. Configurations include single, back-to-back, and dual in isolated or common anode variations, and many part numbers are AEC-Q101 qualified. 

  • >1500 part numbers: standard leaded, leadless DFN, and glass package options 
  • Vmax: 2V to 105V with narrow tolerance and Japanese and European selection groups 
  • Applications: general regulation, voltage reference, over-voltage protection 
  • Ptot: 250mW to 1500mW 
  • Configurations: Single, back-to-back, dual (common anode or isolated),  
  • Many AEC-Q101 qualified part numbers 

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