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NXP MRF300AN Essentials Kit | New Product Brief

December 08, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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NXP MRF300AN Essentials Kit

NXP Semiconductor’s MRF300AN Essentials Kit uses components to accelerate a power amplifier design. 

The kit includes two MRF101AN power transistors, a 0.7” by 2” PCB, a custom baseplate, two SMA connectors for mounting along with relevant hardware to assemble the MRF300AN essentials kit. 

The MRF101AN 100W RF power LDMOS transistor is housed in an easy-to-use TO-220 package over-molded plastic package with a 50V operating voltage and performance up to 250 MHz. 

This cost-effective, bolt-down package operates with excellent thermal performance, a flexible operating voltage, and different operating frequencies. 

Design resources include tuning tips, assembly process, and reference designs. 

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