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NXP Semiconductors SE050 Development Kit | New Product Brief

September 27, 2019 by Mouser Electronics

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NXP Semiconductors SE050 Development Kit

NXP Semiconductors SE050 Development Kit is a prototyping platform for NXP’s SE050 EdgeLock Plug & Trust Secure Element family. 

The SE050 secure element provides the IC-level reliability and edge-to-cloud security for IoT devices without the need to write security code.  The development kit communicates with the host using the I2C interface, with commands wrapping using the Smartcard T=1 over I2C protocol. 

The board can be plugged into an Arduino-compatible MCU board, or connected to any other board using the I2C header. Sensors and other peripherals are connected to a separate I2C master interface, accessible through the 10-pin and DB15 headers. 

The DB15 header can also be used to bypass the onboard antenna connected to the SE050’s contactless interface.

  • EdgeLock SE050
    • Provides reliability at the IC level
    • Edge-to-cloud security without writing security code
  • I2C communication with host MCU
    • Smartcard T=1 over I2C (T=1oI2C) protocol
  • Arduino-R3 header
  • External I2C connector
  • I2C master interface for connecting sensors and peripherals
    • Accessible through 10-pin and DB15 headers
  • Onboard antenna for ISO/IEC 14443 contactless interface
    • External antenna connection through DB15 header

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