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NXP Turnkey Solution for Alexa | New Product Brief

March 24, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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NXP Turnkey Solution for Alexa

NXP Semiconductors Turnkey Solution for Alexa Voice Services is an evaluation and development platform that allows designers to integrate Amazon’s AVS into a wide range of products using NXP’s i.MX RT MCUs. 

The platform is based on the i.MX RT106A audio MCU, a variant of the i.MX RT1060 family with extensive audio capabilities designed for cloud-based embedded voice applications, including a far-field audio front end, echo cancellation, and noise reduction. The platform also includes an NXP 5W smart audio amplifier with SpeakerBoost technology that improves audio and protects the speaker.

The design is compact and cost-optimized, with a 50% lower BOM cost than MPU-based alternatives. The supporting software is Amazon-qualified and runs Amazon’s FreeRTOS.

  • Based on i.MX RT106A Audio Crossover Processor
    • 600MHz Arm® Cortex®-M7 MCU
  • i.MX RT106A Audio capabilities: Far-field audio front end softDSP, acoustic echo cancellation, ambient noise reduction, and more
  • TFA9894 5W Class D smart audio amplifier
    • Embedded SpeakerBoost Algorithm enhances sound quality
  • 50% lower BOM cost than MPU-based designs
  • Compact design: 30mm x 40mm boards
  • Amazon-qualified software
    • Runs Amazon’s FreeRTOS

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