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On Semi IoT Development Kit

ON Semiconductor’s IoT development kit is a development platform that includes hardware and software modules for rapid implementation of medical, home, and industrial IoT devices.

The typical IoT device includes sensors, actuators, an MCU for local processing and control, some way to connect to the Internet, and cloud service that provides remote processing and control. Putting all of these pieces together can be time-consuming, especially if an engineer has to cross the divide between hardware and software. So if you have a hardware engineer that’s all of a sudden responsible for the software to do the cloud connectivity or a software engineer getting into hardware design, that can be a challenge. But ON Semi's IDK has put all of these together in a platform that lets you move quickly from producing a concept to producing a product.

There are many hardware platforms that are available to work with but ON Semi’s IDK is not just an extensible hardware platform. It's hardware, APIs, an IDE, and example code that work together out of the box. And these expansion boards include wired and wireless connectivity, sensors, and actuators, that are all based ON Semi products. They're fully supported with individual APIs and full documentation of both the hardware and the software. Then on top of that, you get integrated cloud software support.

So this enables a hardware engineer, for example, to easily access cloud services without a lot of software expertise. However, it also retains the flexibility for a more experienced developer to develop for whatever other services they like to use. The baseboard is based on an ON Semi NCS36510 SoC with an ARM Cortex-M3 and 802.15.4 transceiver. It also includes a WIFi module and the expansion boards connect via Arduino and PMOD connectors, including both the ON and 3rd party expansion boards

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