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ON Semiconductor IoT Prototyping Platforms

ON Semiconductor IoT Prototyping Platforms are a set of configurable, end-to-end, rapid prototyping platforms covering a wide range of IoT applications. The kits are based on ON SoCs with an integrated Arm® Cortex®-M3 MCU and wireless transceivers.

Two separate baseboards are available with an Arduino-compatible footprint and PMOD connectors for hardware expansion, with ON offering a comprehensive range of modular hardware options, including sensing and actuation, with supporting APIs.

The Bluetooth IoT Development Kit is based on the RSL10, the industry’s lowest power BLE SoC—ideal for those designing applications with Bluetooth connectivity, such as wearables, mHealth, smart home, and other short-range connected devices.

The IoT Development Kit is based on the ON Semi NCS36510 SoC and includes a separate W-Fi module on the board. It’s compatible with available Sigfox, PoE, and CAN Bus modules, and ideal for Industrial IoT, Smart City and Building, mHealth and other applications requiring additional connectivity options. Ready-to-use sample code is available for each kit, with support for multiple cloud services.

ON also offers the Energy Harvesting Bluetooth Low Energy Switch, a complete reference design for batteryless applications such as lighting, door, and window control, or step counters. The design is based on the RSL10 system-in-package and a high-efficiency energy harvester. The Bluetooth Low Energy Switch can be used on its own, and compatible with both IoT Development Kits.

The RSL10 Sensor Development kit is designed for developing IoT sensing applications with long battery life. It combines cutting-edge sensor technology, Bluetooth 5 data rates, and optimized power consumption in a ready-to-use prototyping platform built around the RSL10 SiP, which is pre-loaded with a custom service protocol that requires no additional programming. Additional evaluation boards are available for the RSL10 SoC and SiP, and to learn more about ON Semiconductor’s set of configurable, modular, rapid prototyping platforms for IoT applications, visit


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