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ROHM SEMICONDUCTOR SMLD12x LEDs | Featured Product Spotlight

October 01, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

This Featured Product Spotlight is part of a video series exploring the specifications, applications, and market context of new products.


ROHM Semiconductor SMLD12 series  LEDs are high reliability mini-chip LEDs that use a new resin material for extended life and improved mountability, with a blue-green option to address visibility needs in Color Universal Design applications. 

Conventional mini-chip LEDs are encapsulated using either an epoxy resin or a silicone resin.  Epoxy resins degrade over time, resulting in reduced luminosity over the life of the device, while silicone resins suffer from lower bonding strength and can be damaged during PCB assembly. 

ROHMs’ new sealing resin combines the benefits of both while addressing the weaknesses of each. It offers the high residual luminous intensity of silicone and the high mold hardness of epoxy.  This resin maintains 100% luminous intensity after extended operational testing, meeting or beating the performance of silicone resin and providing 20 times longer life than epoxy.  It also has a bond strength that is 25 times higher than silicone resins, exceeding typical industrial moutability requirements. 

The SMLD12 series features a small package size, measuring just 1.6mm x 0.8mm and 0.55mm tall.  LEDs are available in white and colors from blue to red with dominant wavelengths from 470nm to 630nm.  This includes special blue-green wavelengths for use in Color Universal Designs that are easily discernible by people with impaired color vision.  The LEDs are ideal for alarms, public information displays, industrial control panels, and many other applications.  For more information on ROHM Semiconductor’s SMLD12 series of mini-chip LEDs and how they combine the benefits of epoxy and silicone resins, visit

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