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REAN Lighting Solutions | Featured Product Spotlight

August 03, 2022 by Mouser Electronics

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REAN Lighting Solutions

REAN offers connection solutions for lighting, digital signage, pro audio, and music industry applications.

The REAN brand’s comprehensive portfolio provides a one-stop shop for all of the connections required in lighting applications. With lockable power connectors, lockable data connectors and XLR connectors, REAN offers a comprehensive, robust, and reliable portfolio of lighting connectivity solutions.

XLR connectors come in either standard or Z-series configurations. The standard XLR cable connectors come with an ergonomic finger-groove design. – Receptacles feature a D-size, metal, front mountable flange. The Z-series is heavy duty, constructed with UL 94 materials and providing an IP 65 rating when mated.

REAN’s Z-series cat5e ethernet connectors are IP 65 rated and heavy-duty for outdoor use.  Receptacles feature a locking mechanism and sealing caps. Metal cable carrier housings provide durable protection for RJ45 cable assemblies.

G-series twist-lock power connectors are rated up to 20 amps with rugged housings and IEC 62368-1 compliant receptacles.

REAN connectors ensure that lighting applications work flawlessly, time after time with durable, secure, and lockable connectors.

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