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Molex Transcend Network Connected Lighting

Molex Transcend network connected lighting is hardware and software for smart lighting that uses a secure, IP-based infrastructure for better lighting control. Converting to LED lighting already reduces energy consumption by simply generating light more efficiently, but converting to a smart lighting system can further reduce energy consumption by up to 50%.

These additional savings come from using light more intelligently, such as occupancy-based lighting, using ambient light sensing to turn off lights when there is sufficient natural light, or dimming and schedule based lighting.  Not only that, but you can adapt the light level and color to the time of day or situation. So, for example, you can tune lighting to help office workers stay focused or to help people relax at a doctor's office, all by setting the appropriate light level and color. And Molex Transcend simplifies the deployment and integration of smart lighting.

On the hardware side, Molex Transcend can connect to fixtures in multiple ways. The first is the Transcend PoE gateway.  This provides a connection point between the PoE network and Transcend smart LED drivers, with the cabling between them using the compact Molex MicroFit 3.0 connector system. Alternatively, Transcend-enabled fixtures can be connected directly to the PoE network.

Transcend relay zone controllers are meant for high bay or other high wattage fixtures. For example, these can be used to control the lighting on a factory floor. They operate on line voltages and communicate wirelessly with the Transcend platform.

Wireless, energy harvesting sensors and wall switches that allow for local lighting control and provide ambient light or occupancy sensing to the control software.

The software component of the Transcend platform, the Transcend Smart Building Manager, allows facility managers to design, control and manage lighting systems and view reports for energy use and savings, occupancy, and building analytics, giving them insight into how buildings are being used.

Transcend’s IP infrastructure reduces installation cost and complexity, makes it easier to integrate with other systems, and accelerates IoT adoption in commercial buildings.

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