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The Digi Connect Sensor+ | Featured Product Spotlight

November 02, 2017 by Mouser Electronics

The Digi Connect Sensor+ is a battery-powered cellular gateway for monitoring sensors in remote locations and harsh environments.

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Digi Connect Sensor+

The Digi Connect Sensor+ is a battery-powered cellular gateway for monitoring sensors in remote locations and harsh environments. It's built to operate in locations where you don't always have reliable power or data connections available.

The Connect Sensor+ interfaces with sensors, reads their data, and reports that data back to the Digi Remote Manager for logging, processing, and analysis. It offers configurable read and report intervals, and the ability to set alarms that trigger between intervals. These include high and low threshold, sequential measurement delta, and rising and falling edge alarms.

It has four analog interfaces each configurable as 4-20 mA loops or 0-10 V analog inputs, a 0-30 V digital input that can that can also be used as a pulse counter up to 2 kHz, and a serial interface. It can be configured to support the Wired HART protocol and MODBUS with up to 4 devices attached.

The Connect Sensor+ offers LTE connectivity with options for Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, as well as global 3G and 2G coverage, and has an external SMA connector for the antenna.

Since one point of the Connect Sensor+ is to address remote locations without reliable power, it can power sensors using its five power output ports, ranging from 3.3 to 24 volts DC and up to 200 mA. It can accept an external power supply from 8 volts to 30 volts, so you can use things like solar panels or other energy harvesting devices, but the internal battery is a 7.2 volt 14.5 Ah replaceable lithium battery and, at two reads and transmits per day, it's expected to last about two years. So any external power supply would extend that battery life.

The Connect Sensor+ connects to the Digi Remote Manager, which collects data and manages devices, including the Connect Sensor+. It's housed in a weatherproof, rugged enclosure with a wide temperature range for reliable operation in all environments. For datasheets and to learn more about Digi’s Connect Sensor+, visit

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