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Digi XLR Pro Modules

Digi XLR Pro Modules provide reliable, long range wireless communication using the unlicensed 900 MHz band and Digi’s patented Punch2® technology. Punch2® uses chirp spread spectrum modulation for better receiver sensitivity, multipath performance, and interference rejection than alternative spread spectrum techniques. XLR Pro® modules support both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint network topologies and use 128-bit AES encryption for data security. The modules have a maximum transmit power of 1 W and a -120 dBm receiver sensitivity, enabling communication at distances greater than 100 miles, making them ideal for industrial applications, including oil and gas, precision agriculture, and utilities.

  • RF Data Rate: 9.4 kb/s to 3.2 Mb/s
  • Line of Sight Ranges:
    • Rural: 100+ miles @ 1.2 Mb/s
    • Urban: Up to 25 miles at 9.4 kb/s
    • Urban: Up to 1 mile at 3.2 Mb/s
  • Dimensions: 34 mm x 51 mm x 6.1 mm

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