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Molex Squba 1.8mm Sealed Wire-to-Wire Connectors

Molex’s Squba 1.8mm pitch sealed wire-to-wire connectors are compact connectors designed to be used in sensors, lighting, commercial vehicles and other space-constrained applications that are exposed to dusty, wet environments. The connectors address the need for a compact, IP67-rated connector that can fit in the limited real estate available as devices continue to shrink.

The tight 1.8mm pitch of the connectors enables their use in tight spaces, but they’re rated for up to 6 A and 125 V using 24 to 22 AWG wires. This helps to keep cost, size, and weight down by delivering more power over a smaller gauge wire than competitor solutions, and the connectors have a contact resistance of just 10 mΩ.  Squba connectors also have a protected, low-profile latch. The minimal latch size keeps the connector compact, but it’s also protected from snagging on wires. An audible click indicates connectors are mated, and Squba connectors have a mating force under 45 N.

The IP67 rating is achieved through the use of matte seals at the wire entry for both the plug and receptacle and a ring seal on the receptacle at the mating interface.  The connectors have seal caps to ensure terminals are properly aligned during assembly to prevent seal puncturing, and the terminals themselves feature a wraparound insulation cramp with a clean body to prevent seal punctures. The seal caps also protect the seals from damage during shipping, handling, and use to prevent field failures.

Molex offers Squba connectors with 2 to 10 circuits, with odd circuit counts available by fitting even count connectors with a sealing plug. Squba connectors have polarizing ribs to ensure proper mating and are rated for operation from -40°C to +105°C. For more information on the compact, IP67-rated Molex Squba 1.8 mm sealed wire-to-wire connectors, visit


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