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REAN Connectors G Series Power Connector | New Product Brief

November 02, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

This New Product Brief (NPB) is part of a video series highlighting the features, applications, and technical specs of newly-released products.

REAN Connectors G Series Power Connector | New Product Brief

Rean’s G Series power connectors are 3-pole AC power inlet and outlet connectors with less than a 3 milliohm contact resistance and 4 kilovolt dielectric strength rating. 

These connectors can accept a wide range of cable outer diameters from 6 mm to 15 mm. 

A twist-lock retention method ensures a sturdy mate while screw type terminals secures internal wiring. 

The G series power connectors have a UL 94-0 flammability rating and have been tested according to EN/IEC61984 safety standards. 

REAN G Series Power Connectors are designed for lighting, digital signage, concerts, and professional audio applications.

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