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Phoenix Contact Displays & Keypads | New Product Brief

April 26, 2022 by Mouser Electronics

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Phoenix Contact Displays & Keypads

Phoenix Contact Displays and Keypads feature high-contrast capacitive touch displays and membrane keypads to create a user-friendly interface for operators.

These high-resolution, graphics-capable color displays are offered with or without a touch function in a size of 2.4", while the ICS housing families also have a 0.96" display available for overall widths of 25mm.

Combining the display with a touch interface or membrane keypad makes the application-oriented visualization of control processes possible and allows direct intervention in the respective function.

Phoenix Contact Displays and Keypads are suitable for a broad range of industrial applications for the display of pressure, temperature, and flow measurements as well as machine states and status. The displays can also be used to control devices such as roller blinds and lighting for building automation.

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