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Renesas Electronics RAA210 Pin-Configurable DC/DC Power Modules

Renesas Electronics’ RAA210 is a series of highly-integrated pin-strap configurable step-down PMBus-compliant DC/DC power supply modules that require only input and output capacitors for a complete design. The RAA210 is available with single channel outputs up to 70A or with dual 25A channels and is based on a unique ChargeMode™ architecture that responds to load transients within a single switching cycle. They operate at up to 96% efficiency, converting from a 4.5V to 14V input to a programmable output as wide as 0.6V to 5V with very tight accuracy over line, load, and temperature. The modules include a digital PWM controller, synchronous MOSFETs, power inductor, and passives, and can provide real-time telemetry for critical performance parameters. 

  • Configurations: 25A, 33A, 50A, 70A single-channel, 25A/25A dual-channel
  • ChargeMode™ Architecture: single switching cycle response to load transient
  • Efficiency: up to 96%
  • Input: 4.5V to 14V single rail
  • Output: 0.6V to 5.0V (0.6V to 2.5V for 70A), ±1.2% accuracy over line/load/temperature
  • Real-time telemetry for VIN, VOUT, IOUT, temperature, duty cycle, and fSW

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