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KEMET Electronics MPX Metal Composite Power Inductors | New Product Brief

June 25, 2019 by Mouser Electronics

These inductors are ideal for DC/DC switching power supplies.

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KEMET Electronics MPX Metal Composite Power Inductors 

KEMET Electronics MPX Metal Composite Power Inductors are ideal for use as power inductors and EMI filter inductors in DC/DC switching power supplies. 

The metal composite core offers high saturation to handle inrush current and maintains stable inductance over temperature. Inductors are available with RMS current ratings as high as 35.4 amps and saturation current as high as 53 amps and can be used at temperatures up to 155 degrees Celsius.

Inductance values range from 0.1 microhenries to 47 microhenries with a 20 percent tolerance and with DC resistance as low as 1.5 milliohms. KEMET MPX MI wisetal Composite Power Inductors have a shielded, surface mount case with dimensions as small as 5x5x2 millimeters.   

  • Metal composite core for high saturation characteristics and thermal stability
  • Rated Current
    • Irms: up to 35.4A
    • Isat: up to 53.0A
  • Operating Temperature: -55°C to +155°C (including self-temperature rise)
  • Inductance range: 0.10µH to 47.00µH, ±20% tolerance
  • DC resistance: 1.5mΩ to 341.2mΩ maximum

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