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Schurter Touchkit 

Schurter’s Touchkit is a plug-and-play kit designed for engineers to evaluate and develop with projected-capacitive touchscreen technology. The kit includes a 10.1” PCAP touchscreen, a Schurter controller based on an EETI chipset, and an active touchscreen stylus. The touchscreen supports multitouch up to 10 fingers, and the stylus provides high accuracy and pressure measurement for more natural user interaction. The controller provides two sensitivity modes, palm touch rejection, gloved-touch support, high EMC immunity, and water resistance. The Touchkit provides accurate touch detection in humid and damp environments and will switch off the sensor in overly wet conditions. The kit is powered over USB and includes software for detailed analytics of the touchscreen interaction.

  • 10.1" Schurter Touchscreen Sensor on 2 mm float glass
  • PCAP controller board (EETI EX3146 chipset)
  • Active touchscreen stylus with pressure measurement
  • Supports two sensitivity modes, 10-finger multitouch, gloved-touch
  • Palm and water recognition
  • 10Vrms conducted immunity, 10V/m radiated immunity

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