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LoRaWAN Discovery Boards

STM32 LoRaWAN Discovery Boards give developers access to LoRa’s low power, long range communication capabilities. The board is intended for development of IoT sensor nodes and is based on an open Murata module that gives users full access to the included STM32L0 series MCU.  

The Semtech LoRa modem in the module implements the proprietary modulation techniques and delivers the link budget necessary to communicate at distances of 15 km and beyond.  

The board also has an Arduino UNO R3 connector to add sensor boards, and the included software package is LoRaWAN class A certified for use with battery-powered sensor nodes, where the node can transmit at any time and will listen for a response from the gateway during two programmed time slots afterward, maximizing battery life for the node.

  • STM32L0 Series MCU, Cortex-M0+
    • 192 kB Flash, 20 kB RAM, 6 kB EEPROM
  • Link Budget: 157 dB
  • Sensitivity: -137 dBm
  • Data rate: up to 300 kbps
  • RX current: 10 mA
  • Arduino UNO R3 shield compatible

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