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STMicroelectronics USB Type-C and Power Delivery Portfolio

STMicroelectronics USB Type-C and Power Delivery Portfolio allow designers to seamlessly integrate all the benefits of USB Type-C for applications such as AC adapters, smart plugs, power hubs, displays, and more. ST’s STUSB1602 is a Type-C controller for host- or device-side port management, and it has an integrated line driver and BMC transceiver to support USB PD communication through a host MCU.

The STUSB47 is an autonomous USB PD controller that is a complete hardware solution for provider role devices with support for all USB PD profiles and up to 5 power data objects. Both ICs offer short-to-VBUS protection, integrated discharge paths, and a wide supply range to lower external BOM count and reduce design size.

  • STUSB1602: host and/or device side port controller
  • STUSB1602: TX/RX line driver, BMC transceiver for USB PD negotiation
  • STUSB47: full USB PD controller hardware solution
  • STUSB47: supports all USB PD profiles, up to 5 PDOs
  • Short-to-VBUS protection: 22 V on CC pins, 28 V on VBUS pins
  • Power Supply: 3.0 V to 22 V

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