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CY4500 EZ-PD Protocol Analyzer

Cypress’ CY4500 EZ-PD protocol analyzer is a debug tool for USB power delivery communication over USB Type-C connectors. The CY4500 sits between the device and its host and monitors signals without disturbing them, capturing USB-PD negotiations for power, data roles, DisplayPort, and other Type-C alternate modes, while a Windows-based GUI provides decoded USB-PD messages.

This enables developers to debug USB-PD issues without writing additional debug code or attaching hardware that could alter the signal. The CY4500 also monitors Vbus voltage and current and supports triggering on message IDs. The device is based on a Cypress PSoC 5LP with upgradeable firmware to address future updates to the USB spec.



  • Monitors USB-PD and other CC signals
  • Non-disruptive pass-through of all signals
  • Message ID triggering
  • Debug headers for CC, VBUS, SBU
  • Windows GUI decodes USB-PD messages
  • USB Type-C plug and receptacle
  • USB Micro-B for power and communication with GUI

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