Texas Instruments’ New All-in-One USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery Controller

August 10, 2015 by Jennifer A. Diffley

The new controller integrates a port power switch and port data multiplexer.

USB Type-C is a singular cable set out to replace a slew of other connectors by making a standard, future-proof cable. In addition to charging, the USB-C allows data transfer and video as well as connecting to Ethernet. Texas Instruments' announcement of an all-in-one USB Type-C and USB power delivery controller provides a power path that operates as a single or dual-role port which allows for many host and device power implementations.

The TPS65982.

The TPS65982 allows for delivery of both power and data in several alternate modes. It can be configured to support data as a downstream or upstream-facing port, or as both host and device. It also supports data rates at up to 5.4Gb/s with a standby power of 40µW - more than 50% lower than competitive offerings - to extend battery life. This is especially important in mobile devices like laptops that rely on energy maximization but demand high performance. 

The USB Type-C included in the new MacBook Retina.

In systems requiring up to 15W of power, the TUSB320 family provides USB Type-C configuration channel logic and port control. That means that the system can automatically detect the orientation of the cable, then determine the correct USB specifications and settings for the end equipment.