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Texas Instruments Audio Amplifier Evaluation Module

Texas Instruments’ TAS5805MEVM audio amplifier evaluation module is based on the TAS5805M, a digital input, closed-loop Class D audio amplifier. The closed-loop design requires fewer passives for a smaller solution size than an equivalent open-loop device.  

The TAS5805M supports a 2x23W stereo output configuration in BTL mode and a 45W mono output configuration by combining the two output channels in PBTL mode. The amplifier features an integrated audio processor with a 3-wire digital audio interface and an I2C control interface.

No master clock is required, and the device supports I2S, left- and right-justified, and TDM audio formats, with sample rates up to 96kHz.  The audio processor provides enhanced, multi-band audio processing, including DRC, AGL, and 15 BQs per channel.

This module supports standard BD and 1SPW modulation, as well as a unique hybrid modulation mode. The hybrid modulation mode enables very low quiescent current while retaining excellent THD, and it’s ideal for extending battery life in portable applications without compromising audio quality.  

There is also an SDOUT pin that can be used for audio monitoring, echo cancellation, or for a subwoofer. The output can be configured as pre- or post-DSP, and it has 5 BQs, DRC, and a THD manager.

It has two of the TAS5805M devices and it can be used in mono, 2.0 stereo, or 2.1 configurations. The digital audio data input source is selectable from USB, Coax SPDIF, and external I2S. Developers have full access to control and configure the devices using the PurePath Control Console software, and the module operates from a single 4.5-26.5VDC supply.

To learn more about the enhanced processing, low quiescent current, and other benefits of the Texas Instruments TAS5805M and its evaluation module, visit


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