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Texas Instruments AWR1642 BoosterPack

Texas Instruments’ AWR1642 BoosterPack™ is an evaluation module for the AWR1642 single-chip automotive radar sensor. It's powered by a single 5V supply and has a micro USB port and a UART-to-USB interface for control, configuration, and data visualization on a PC.

The AWR1642 is a low-power device that integrates a radar front-end with a high-performance DSP subsystem for radar signal processing and a user-programmable Arm® Cortex®-R4F-based processor subsystem.  

The evaluation module includes everything required to begin development, including an onboard antenna for field testing and an XDS110 emulator for programming and debug. It also offers a connector for the on-chip CAN-FD interface, a 20-pin BoosterPack connector for connecting to TI MCU LaunchPads, and a 60-pin HD connector to interface with TI’s MMWAVE-DEVPACK.  

  • Single-chip automotive radar sensor
  • Integrated 76- to 81-GHz FMCW transceiver
  • ARM® Cortex®-R4F-Based Radio Control System
  • C674x DSP for FMCW Signal Processing
  • Onboard antennas enable field testing
  • Enables object detection in two-dimensional plane

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