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Vishay WSBS Power Metal Strip Battery Shunt Resistors | Tech Specs

March 01, 2018 by TTI, Inc

Let's talk about something big, and that’s a big power to resistor size ratio.

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Vishay WSBS Power Metal Strip Battery Shunt Resistors

Today, I want to talk about something big, and that’s a big power to resistor size ratio. I’m talking about the Vishay’s WSBS8518 Power Metal Strip battery shunt resistors rated up to 36 watts, with extremely low resistance values. Using an 8518 case size, the shunt resistors are available with resistances from 50 µΩ to 1,000 µΩ so you can measure current up to 848 A, providing higher accuracy and lower cost than Hall Effect current sensing for battery monitoring and energy metering in automotive and industrial applications. The resistive element is a solid metal manganese-copper or nickel-chrome alloy with low TCR, so you get consistent measurements across the resistor’s -65°C to +170°C operating temperature range. The WSBS8518 offers low inductance and low thermal EMF and has options for M3 or M4 tapped holes, sense terminals to simplify PCB connections, and an over-molded package with a 4-pin pluggable connector that eliminates PCB connection decisions entirely.

  • Up to 36 W in 8518 case size
  • Resistance (±5% Std): 50 µΩ, 100 µΩ, 125 µΩ, 250 µΩ, 500 µΩ and 1,000 µΩ
  • Continuous current up to 848 A
  • AEC-Q200 qualified parts available
  • TCR: down to ± 10 ppm/°C
  • Variants: M3 or M4 tapped holes, 2 or 3 sense pins, over-molded package with 4-pin connector, Ni-Cr resistive element with “boot” design for improved RTC

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