Creating a Better User Experience in Wearable Devices: The STM32L4+ from ST Micro

November 22, 2017 by Heather Hamilton-Post

This News Brief takes a look at the STM32L4+ with advanced graphics capabilities from STMicroelectronics.

This News Brief takes a look at the STM32L4+ with advanced graphics capabilities from STMicroelectronics.

As wearable devices become more advanced, there is an increasing need for high-functioning graphics to create a better overall user experience. And companies are taking note.

Samsung recently unveiled a new smartwatch called the Gear Sport that easily functions in realms outside of fitness. In an interview with Let’s Go Digital, they describe their watch as “packed with features that empower users to get the most out of a workout whenever they wish."

In wearables and smart objects, quick response times, fast and limited charging requirements, and processor performance all matter.

STMicroelectronics Wants to Help

STMicroelectronics recently unveiled the STM32L4+ device, a new generation of the series that improves performance to 150DMIPS at 120 MHz, which STMicro claims allows it to serve as the central controller in a variety of wearable devices and small medical equipment and industrial sensors.

According to a press release, the STM32L4+ responds quickly, requires minimal downtime for battery charging, and is capable of a variety of sophisticated functions. Meant for application designers, it boasts strong processor performance with the largest on-chip memory in comparable ultra-low-power microcontrollers as well as advanced graphics capabilities.

The STM32L4+ can utilize the STM32 development ecosystem, which is a plus for designers who want a streamlined process that minimizes time to market.

The devices are currently in production in a variety of packages, with prices beginning at $6.52 for orders including at least 10,000 pieces.

Thus far, over three billion advanced STM32 microcontrollers have been shipped for use in sensors, implantable medical devices, consumer gadgets, white goods, power tools, media devices, communications, computing and industrial control.


Image courtesy of STMicroelectronics.


  • Delivers 100 DMIPS based on its ARM® Cortex®-M4 core with FPU and ST ART Accelerator™ at 80 MHz.
  • Dynamic voltage scaling
  • Low-power peripherals (LP UART, LP timers) available in Stop mode, advanced and low-power analog peripherals such as op amps, comparators, LCD, 12-bit DACs and 16-bit ADCs (hardware oversampling)
  • Available in different lines: STM32L4x1 (Access line), STM32L4x2 (USB Device), STM32L4x3 (USB Device, LCD), STM32L4x5 (USB OTG) and STM32L4x6 (USB OTG, LCD).
  • Pin-to-pin compatible with different STM32 series
    • Ultra-low-power mode: 8 nA with backup registers without real-time clock (5 wakeup pins)
    • Ultra-low-power mode + RTC: 200 nA with backup registers (5 wakeup pins)
    • Ultra-low-power mode + 16 Kbytes of RAM: 200 nA
    • Ultra-low-power mode + 16 Kbytes of RAM + RTC: 450 nA
    • Dynamic run mode: down to 36 μA/MHz
    • Wake-up time: 5 μs
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