AMD Rolls-out New Technologies at COMPUTEX 2022

June 01, 2022 by Abdulwaliy Oyekunle

The much anticipated COMPUTEX 2022 hybrid event kicked off last week and continues digitally with leading companies, like AMD. Let's look into AMD's COMPUTEX 2022 announcements.

With new innovations and products manufactured by leading companies, the tech industry has always showcased exciting technologies at various conferences and events throughout the year. 

Giving companies the right platform to debut their products, the Taipei Computer Association (TCA), together with the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), is organizing the 42nd edition of the much anticipated COMPUTEX 2022 event, which was last week from May 24 to May 27. The event also has an additional 2-week COMPUTEX DigitalGo Online Exhibition, running last week and this week from May 24 to June 6.


The map of 2022's COMPUTEX event.

The map of 2022's COMPUTEX event. Image used courtesy of COMPUTEX 2022 (click to enlarge)


Since 1981, the event has always showcased the latest developments in the whole spectrum of the information and communications technology (ICT) industry, from established brands to start-ups and from ICT supply chain to Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystems. 

This year's edition centers on building global technology ecosystems by featuring the latest tech trends in innovative computing, accelerating intelligence, digital resilience, connected "x-experience," innovations and start-ups, and sustainability.

Taking advantage of the COMPUTEX 2022 event to debut its new and upcoming products in computing technology is AMD. This article highlights AMD's latest technologies announced by AMD Chair and CEO Dr. Lisa Su at the COMPUTEX 2022 event.


Ryzen 7000 Series Desktop Processors

Building on its past releases, the Ryzen 5000 series and Ryzen 6000 series processors, AMD announced that it is ready to release its latest Ryzen 7000 series desktop processors to advance the high-performance computing experience in personal computers. The new series of desktop processors is due to launch by Fall 2022.

According to the company, the 7000 series features 5 nm 'Zen 4' architecture, which promises to deliver a high-performance computing experience for gamers and creators. Furthermore, the Ryzen 7000 series is fabricated with an all-new 6 nm I/O die. The new I/O die features a robust AMD RDNA 2-based graphics engine.


Overview of the Zen 4 architecture.

Overview of the Zen 4 architecture. Screenshot used courtesy of AMD


In contrast to the past series, this new set of processors features a high clock speed of 5.5 GHz, which was demoed during the event. The 7000 series also claims to enable more than 15% uplift in single-thread performance. What's more, the amount of L2 cache per core is doubled.

According to the company, the processors could be matched up with the latest memory and connectivity technologies with full support for DDR5 and PCI Express 5.0.


Socket AM5 Platform

Another release from AMD is the socket AM5 platform, which aims to provide state-of-the-art motherboards for advancing computing in the industry. The AM5 platform comprises three levels of motherboards: X670 Extreme, X670, and B650.


AMD's newly announced motherboard lineup.

AMD's newly announced motherboard lineup. Image used courtesy of AMD


According to AMD, the socket AM5 platform has a 1718-pin LGA design with support for up to 170 W TDP processors, dual-channel DDR5 memory, and a new SVI3 power infrastructure. A unique feature in this platform is the PCIe 5.0 lanes which amount to 24 lanes.

One example, the X670 Extreme, claims to enable overclocking capabilities, thanks to its support for two graphics slots and one storage slot. 

On the other hand, X670 motherboards support PCIe 4.0 and PCIe 5.0. Other features in the socket AM5 platform include:

  • 14 superspeed USB with 20 BGps and Type C
  • Wi-Fi support with DBS
  • Up to 4 HDMI 2.1


AMD SmartAccess Storage

Adding to this barrage of announcements, another is AMD's SmartAccess Storage. This technology is added to the family of AMD smart technologies and is exclusive to AMD Advantage laptops. 

The SmartAccess Storage offers gaming enthusiasts a reduced game load time and accelerates texture streaming. According to the company, the smart technologies generally offer AMD Advantage laptops seamless operations between AMD CPUs and GPUs.

AMD Advantage laptops offer gamers an advanced high-performance experience, thanks to the elimination of system bottlenecks offered by the AMD smart technologies. Overall, AMD Advantage systems can be purchased from PC manufacturers like Asus, Lenovo, HP, and so on.


AMD's Ryzen Mobile Portfolio

Finally, wrapping up the influx of AMD announcements at COMPUTEX 2022 is a new family of AMD Ryzen mobile processors codenamed “Mendocino." These new products will expand the family of Ryzen processors in the AMD portfolio and is due to launch in Q4 of 2022. The Ryzen mobile processors feature robust “Zen 2” cores and RDNA 2 architecture-based graphics. The Ryzen mobile portfolio promises to deliver the best battery life and performance and to be the next "state-of-the-art processors." According to the company, the product is expected to be priced from $399–$699 at the time of launching

Since technology is rapidly evolving in the modern world and AMD is aiming to take advanced computing to a greater height. With the company’s new announcements at the COMPUTEX 2022 events, we hope to expect state-of-art performance and high efficiency in next-gen personal computers and systems.


Featured image used courtesy of AMD