Upcoming embedded world 2020 Demonstrates the Latest Developments in Embedded System Technologies

February 03, 2020 by Luke James

The embedded world Conference is the world’s leading meeting place for the embedded community, and it is returning again for its 18th year.

At embedded world’s annual Conference, engineers and developers from all around the world come together to share their knowledge and help other creatives turn their ideas into real working products. This year, the show is taking place between 25 – 27 February in Nuremberg, Germany, with automotive technology expected to be a strong theme. 

Be it electronic systems security, IoT, distributed intelligence, or energy efficiency, embedded world concerns anything and everything to do with embedded systems, enabling over 32,000 attendees to immerse themselves in the latest developments from over 1,100 exhibitors and guest speakers from across 52 countries.


Images used courtesy of embedded world


Embedded World Conference 2020 Schedule

The embedded world Conference 2020 is as jam-packed as ever, with 10 subject areas being covered over three carefully structured days. These are

  1. Internet of Things
  2. Connected Systems
  3. Embedded OS
  4. Safety & Security
  5. Hardware Engineering
  6. Software & Systems Engineering
  7. Embedded Vision
  8. Autonomous & Intelligent Systems
  9. Embedded GUI & HMI
  10. System-on-Chip

These are delivered as 30-minute solution-orientated presentations—281 in total over the three days—with discussions following afterward. Presentations are complemented by 14 classes for each subject area, providing comprehensive basic information on selected topics in the form of highly condensed training courses. 

Professor Axel Sikora, Chairman of embedded world Conference, said, “With a program of high-quality presentations, the embedded world Conference 2020 contributes to the ongoing challenges of ‘Connecting Embedded Intelligence’. The embedded world Conference once more adds to the success of the embedded systems industry that has now become an essential part of the technological future and, as such, is a precondition for our continued economic success.”


Exhibitions for Engineers

We couldn’t possibly list every exhibitor attending embedded week Conference 2020. Here, however, are a few of what we think will be the highlights.


Automotive Simulation, Security, and More

As we said, automotive is expected to steal the show this year, so be ready lots of solutions geared towards connected and autonomous cars. 

In Hall 4, 4 – 218, Rhode & Schwarz will be showcasing its SMBV100B and SMW200A signal generators. These have been used in the AVL Driving Cube, a simulation testbed for developing autonomous vehicles. It uses a real vehicle on a chassis dynamometer and uses virtual driving scenarios to test a vehicle’s sensors, control systems, and actuators for validation. The simulations now include GNSS signals generated by one of the two signal generators to simulate the vehicle’s GNSS receiver for satellite navigation systems.

In Hall 4, 4 – 325, event sponsor Green Hills Software will host a series of demonstrations on consolidating open source environments with critical automotive domains, secure vehicle communications, cybersecurity, and electronic component supply chains for high-volume production. 

It’s not all about automotive, though. 


Xilinx + Deep Learning

Xilinx (Hall 3A, 3A – 235) will demonstrate adaptive and intelligent computing with a focus on its Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform (ACAP) and its Vitis software platform. Attendees will see the Zynq Ultrascale+ region of interest (ROI)-based encoding using a video codec unit (VCU) where Vitis AI and a deep learning processor unit are integrated and identify the ROI’s mask within the frame. Using this information, the VCU allocates more bits for ROIs in comparison to the rest of the region at a given bitrate to improve the encoding efficiency. This will be of interest to industries including medical, broadcast, and surveillance and security. 


Distributor Booths

For those of you who are feeling lucky, Arrow Electronics (Hall 4A, 4A – 340) will be giving away 5,000 development boards and is scheduled to perform live demonstrations of condition-based monitoring, gesture recognition, speech recognition, and vision-based smart systems. 

Finally, Avnet’s companies—Avnet Abacus, Avnet Silica, ECV Elektronik, and Farnell—(Hall 3A, 3A – 221) will exhibit in one large space. Avnet Abacus will showcase high-speed and industrial connectors for IIoT, rechargeable batteries for medical and IoT applications, a range of sensors for remote-monitoring applications and building automation, and wireless technologies for 5G and Bluetooth, and a range of passive devices for power conversion.


The key market segments identified by Avnet Silica for embedded world 2020. Image used courtesy of Avnet Silica


Meanwhile, Avnet Silica’s theme is ‘Solutions for Humans enabled by AI’, EBV Elektronik will focus on edge computing and connectivity in industrial, scientific, and medical sectors, and Farnell will address engineers developing IoT and IIoT devices and systems with a focus on AI and machine learning.



embedded world Conference is highly regarded by industry leaders, with Arm Germany’s Reinhard Keil calling it “Europe’s leading communication platform to engage with developers and decision-makers. Every year, Arm participates at the conference track with our best experts on topics that should soon be significant for the industry.” 

The full conference's 2020 program is now available online. Sponsors of the conference include SECO, NXP, and Digi-Key.