Five EE Blogs to Get You Through the Weekend

July 04, 2015 by Jennifer A. Diffley

Great blogs and vlogs to get you through the weekend!

Great blogs and vlogs to get you through the weekend!

1. EEVblog

David L. Jones runs this informative vlogging site that features video teardowns and a hefty blog with contributions from all over the globe. David's over-the-top style may not be for the faint of heart, but he's definitely an attention-grabber. Plus, he's an expert on internet dating? Whatever floats your boat, good sir.

2. The Signal Path

This not-for-profit website features teardowns and repairs by the Shahramian brothers. This site is great for anyone looking to brush up on their test and measurement knowledge without being bored to death.

3.  Cooking For Engineers

By Michael Chu and Tina Jiang, this site is perfect for utilizing ee skills with cooking. They feature everything from smoked beer can turkey to product reviews. A refreshing change from pcb blogs.

4. The Curious Cat

Published by John Hunter, this blog has tremendous range, from how to have a healthy online presence to the latest tech reveals.

5. Wireless Sensor Networks

Maintained by Marco Zennaro, Claro Noda, Muneeb Ali, Antonio Ruzzelli and Weiwei Fang, this blog is all about sensors and is up-to-date on the latest sensor news.


So there you have it! Five blogs to get you motivated and engaged this weekend instead of lazing about with the cat. 

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    DHK August 04, 2017

    First two are true EE video blogs.
    Another good one I know is w2aew.

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