High Temperature Sensors Take the Heat

July 23, 2015 by Jennifer A. Diffley

The TDK Corporation has unveiled a new sensor element that can measure temperatures up to 1202°F (650° C), combining high precision with high endurance.

TDK Corporation, a leading electronics company out of Tokyo, announced the release of their new sensor that can measure temperatures up to 1202°F (650° C). The new sensor is also qualified to AEC-Q200, making it compliant with the automotive industry standard for passive components.

In addition to being highly precise, the new sensor has a temperature tolerance of roughly ±1 K at 392°F (200°C), making it appropriate in applications such as in car engines and in monitoring the temperature of fuel cells in electric vehicles. But the sensors can be utilized in appliances, too: self-cleaning ovens, for example, that incinerate food particles, or even sophisticated washing machines and irons. 

TDK Corporation's new EPCOS NTC sensor.

The ceramic sensor element is encapsulated by glass, which makes it especially rugged. More robust, more sensitive sensors are increasingly needed in everything from medical technology to the automotive industry and TDK Corp is rising to the challenge.