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Texas Instruments I2C Temperature Sensor | New Product Brief

July 25, 2019 by Mouser Electronics

These sensors are lower power, higher accuracy replacements for standard LM75 and TMP75 temperature sensors.

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Texas Instruments I2C Temperature Sensor

Texas Instruments’ TMP1075 I2C Temperature Sensors are lower power, higher accuracy replacements for standard LM75 and TMP75 temperature sensors, and they’re pin and software compatible for easy replacement. 

The TMP1075 is accurate to ±1°C over a wide temperature range, and to within ±2°C over its full -55°C to +125°C operating range, with the integrated 12-bit ADC provides 0.0625°C temperature resolution. It operates from a 1.7V to 5.5V supply, with 2.7µA average current and 0.37µA shutdown current.

The device is compatible with 2-wire SMBus and I2C protocols and can coexist in an I3C bus in Mixed Fast Mode. TMP1075 sensors are available in standard SOIC-8 and VSSOP-8 packages, as well as a 2x2 mm DFN with a 79% smaller footprint than the SOIC package.

  • Lower power, higher accuracy replacement for LM75/TMP75 digital temperature sensors
  • High accuracy
    • ±1°C (max) from -40°C to +75°C/110°C (package dependent)
    • ±2°C (max) from -55°C to +125°C
  • Low power
    • 2.7µA average current
    • 0.37µA standby current
  • SMBus and I2C compatible interface and can coexist in I3C Mixed Fast Mode Bus
  • Packages:
    • 3.00mm x 3.00mm VSSOP-8
    • 4.90mm x 3.91mm SOIC-8
    • 2.00mm x 2.00mm DFN-8

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