Hummingboard Edge - Custom ARM Computing

July 30, 2015 by Jennifer A. Diffley

The Hummingboard-Edge is set to release in August, enabling designers to have access to a customized, low-cost, ARM computer.

A custom IoT platform prepares to take flight.

Most development boards are static: whatever features they include come standard, and there's no way to augment them to desired specifications. The Hummingboard changes that. Customers can specify desired MicroSOM, WiFi, power adapter, MicroSD, and even whether or not they'd like an enclosure. SolidRun specializes in innovative embedded solutions, and their Hummingboard range is certainly indicative of that.

The Hummingboard-Edge, set to be released in August, was developed for the B2B market and features M.2 module support, eMMC storage, and wide range voltage input (7 Volt to 36 Volt range). It's a low-cost ARM computer that packs a hefty punch.

The Hummingboard-Edge, set to be released in August.


"Our solutions enable OEMs and business partners to focus on the application and market, dramatically reducing the design complexity of their product."-- Dr. Atal Ziv, SolidRun's CEO

With highest-quality features selected (MicroSOM i4x4, WiFi, included enclosure, and 8GB MicroSD), the cost for the Hummingboard-Edge is $252: on the higher end of the development kit price spectrum, but reasonable for a custom kit. SolidRun also provides software development tools including Linux kernel, compilers, and debug tools. The Ignition-Installer™ supports commercial and carrier-grade products. Also intriguing is that the Hummingboard can conform to different environmental requirements, depending on the IoT segment desired.