An Introduction to Digi International’s Device Cloud

January 29, 2016 by Orrin Bigelow

An introduction to Digi International's Device Cloud, an IoT and M2M Platform.

Who is Digi International?

For 30 years, Digi International has been supplying first-rate electronics for connecting wired and wireless devices (100 million devices to date, actually). They have an extensive line of RF modules, gateways, cellular routers/modems, embedded wireless system-on-modules, and single-board computers, all for connecting any device (Digi or not) across multiple communications networks. They provide off-the-shelf hardware for building (and scaling) an IoT or Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solution.

What is the Device Cloud?

In addition to excellent hardware, Digi International provides an M2M platform-as-a-service known today as Device Cloud. According to their Device Cloud Wiki page, “Device Cloud lowers the barriers to building secure, scalable, cost-effective solutions that seamlessly tie together enterprise applications and device assets. It makes connecting remote assets easy, providing all of the tools to connect, manage, store, and move information across the near and far reaches of the enterprise.”

In essence, Device Cloud provides a turn-key platform to connect devices, thereby shortening the design cycle required of engineering and information technology professionals. With shortened design cycles, developers and system integrators can focus on the functionality of an IoT or M2M solution, without having to develop complex software applications and setup infrastructure to host a platform. Plus, the Device Cloud web interface has ‘White Label’ capability, and can be reconfigured with a company’s brand, logo, color scheme, and hostname.

Is it just another IoT platform?

​No. Digi International has had a platform for many years now. It was simply known as iDigi for several years. But that all changed back in 2012 when Digi International acquired Etherios, Inc, a Cloud Alliance Platinum Partner and creator of The Social Machine®. After completely overhauling the iDigi platform with the added benefits of Etherios’ world-class cloud computing services, Digi International re-branded iDigi as “Device Cloud by Etherios.” Today it is known as “Device Cloud.” Developers and users of Device Cloud now reap the rewards of Digi International combining forces with Etherios. 

What are the possibilities?

The applications and possibilities for Device Cloud are endless. Whether using Digi International’s hardware or custom hardware with Digi Gateways, any vertical market can leverage the platform to create highly reliable and secure device connections. Digi’s gateways can be accessed through open APIs and programmed in Python, allowing for edge devices to trigger webhooks or user-defined notifications, not to mention numerous automation capabilities.

How do I get started?

To get started with Device Cloud, I strongly recommend purchasing one of their xBee or Wi-Fi Cloud Kits, available at DigiKey. Click here for three options.

You can visit the Device Cloud webpage for more in-depth information.

Stay tuned to for a step-by-step guide on getting a Digi Cloud Kit up and running with the Device Cloud platform.