Qorvo Releases Free Circuit Simulation Software, QSPICE

July 27, 2023 by Jake Hertz

Built with power and analog engineers in mind, Qorvo's new QSPICE software shrinks overall runtimes and offers a reported 100% completion rate.

With increasingly complex circuits and stringent design requirements, high-functioning simulation software is more important than ever. This week, Qorvo stepped up to the plate with the release of a new circuit simulation software created to revolutionize the circuit design landscape.



QSPICE is a modern simulation solution for power and analog designers. Image used courtesy of Qorvo

Existing Challenges in Circuit Simulation

Despite the rapid rate of innovation in both power and analog design, the circuit simulation software for these fields is largely antiquated.


A standard flow for conventional circuit simulation

A standard flow for conventional circuit simulation. Image used courtesy of Infineon

Today, the industry-standard circuit simulation is still SPICE (or some variation thereof)—a platform originally developed in 1973. This circuit simulation software often falls short of providing the speed, functionality, and reliability for modern design processes. Today, standard SPICE-based simulators can incur failure rates of up to 15%, resulting in wasted time and resources.

Furthermore, designers often need both analog and digital system simulations, such as those used in AI and machine-learning applications. 


Introducing QSPICE, Qorvo's New-age Simulation Software

Recognizing these challenges, Qorvo developed QSPICE, a new circuit simulation software built specifically with analog and power designers in mind. The platform is free to download


A look at the QSPICE UI.

A look at the QSPICE UI. Screenshot used courtesy of Qorvo


QSPICE may heighten design productivity by improving simulation speed, functionality, and reliability. To this end, QSPICE notably introduces mixed-mode simulation that enables engineers to smoothly incorporate and simulate intricate digital algorithms in conjunction with analog circuits. The tool allows engineers to code their own digital algorithms into the simulation, which can be introduced as test vectors for SPICE simulations. Engineers can then view more sophisticated and accurate simulations of their systems' dynamic behaviors.

Qorvo says QSPICE uses advanced numerical methods in its simulation engine to increase the speed and accuracy of modern computing hardware, like SSD-aware memory management and GPU-based UIs. The company also regularly updates QSPICE's model library with Qorvo's new power management and silicon carbide solutions. 


Benefits for Power and Mixed-signal Designs

Qorvo asserts that QSPICE supports engineers as they navigate the complexities of power integrity and noise analysis in contemporary power management and mixed-signal designs.

For example, the software simulates parasitic impedances in interconnections and power delivery networks to analyze power integrity in a circuit. This feature uses extracted netlists from external tools or its own calculations from dimensions and metal alloy data. With this data, the tool may help engineers scrutinize power integrity and noise in applications operating at high frequencies.

Based on Qorvo's benchmark tests, the company reports that QSPICE reduces simulation runtimes and achieves a 100% completion rate, a significant feat compared to standard simulation failure rates of up to 15%.

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    Roy Hopkins July 31, 2023

    When I get the link for the down load for the simulator in chrome I get a warning not to click the link.
    “This message seems dangerous
    It contains a suspicious link that was used to steal people’s personal information. Avoid clicking links or replying with personal information.”

    Chrome will not let me download the program.

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      dalewilson July 31, 2023
      The links work perfectly fine in Chrome for me. You might try refreshing Chrome or going directly to the manufacturer's website first.
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