Taiwan Semiconductor Offers Four New Power MOSFETs for BLDC Motor Control

September 15, 2019 by Gary Elinoff

The dual N-channel devices offer DS breakdown voltages of 40 V and 60 V and current ratings of 25 A to 48 A.

Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC) expands its portfolio of dual N-channel power MOSFETs with these new devices. They are the first in the series to be offered in a PDFN56 dual package.

The new MOSFETs all feature 40 volt or 60 volt breakdown voltages and current ratings ranging between 25 amps and 48 amps. The critical RDS(ON) specifications of the new devices range from 11 mΩ to 30mΩ. The maximum junction temperature is 150°C. The devices all feature a low gate charge, which makes fast switching frequencies possible.


Image from Taiwan Semiconductor

Key Specs


  • Current Rating is 48 Amps
  • VDS is 40 Volts
  • Maximum RDS(ON) is 11 mΩ at VGS = 10 Volts and 17.2 mΩ at VGS = 7V Volts
  • Total gate charge is 25 nanocouloumbs



  • Current Rating is 38 Amps
  • VDS is 40 Volts
  • Maximum RDS(ON) is 15 mΩ at VGS = 10 Volts and 28.6 mΩ at VGS = 7V Volts
  • Total gate charge is 18 nanocouloumbs



  • Current Rating is 30 Amps
  • VDS is 60 Volts
  • Maximum RDS(ON) is 25 mΩ at VGS = 10 Volts and 31.6 mΩ at VGS = 7 Volts
  • Total gate charge is 22 nanocouloumbs



  • Current Rating is 25 Amps
  • VDS is 60 Volts
  • Maximum RDS(ON) is 30 mΩ at VGS = 10V and 42.3 mΩ at VGS = 7V
  • Total gate charge is 17 nanocouloumbs



Image from Taiwan Semiconductor

Applications for the New Dual N-Channel MOSFETs

  • BLDC motor control
  • Battery power management
  • DC / DC converters
  • Secondary synchronous rectification

Around the Industry

The MOSFET is the world’s most widely-built semiconductor, and the Dual N-Channel MOSFET is a very popular configuration for this ubiquitous device. Here are just a few of the devices that are Taiwan Semiconductor’s competitors in this genre.

On Semiconductor’s NTMD4820N is a 30 volt, 8 amp Dual N-Channel Power MOSFET. The RDS(ON) specification ranges from 15 mΩ to 27 mΩ, depending on VGS and drain current. The unit is lead and halide free and it is available in an SOIC-8 package.

Texas Instruments’ CSD86311W1723 has an exceptionally small 1.7mm by 2.3mm footprint. RDS(ON) ranges from 29 mΩ to 37 mΩ. The unit is PB and Halogen-free, and is RoHS compliant. Applications include battery management and protection as well as DC-DC converters.

The STS5DNF60L from STMicroelectronics features VDS breakdown at 60 Volts and a maximum continuous drain current of 3 amps at 100 °C. Maximum RDS(ON) is 45 mΩ.