Thanks for an Amazing Industry Tech Days 2023

October 06, 2023 by Dale Wilson

After 5 busy days, we wrap up our fourth-annual Industry Tech Days virtual trade show and conference with some special thanks.

At EETech, our vision is to Empowering Engineers to Create Our Future. Our virtual events, including the just completed All About Circuits' Industry Tech Days, are part of realizing that vision. We hope you have learned something and enjoyed the experience while doing so!

It's been our pleasure to host hundreds of pages of content and connect our All About Circuits community with our industry partners who are creating that future. This week, we were privileged to host over 35 Live Sessions, including product demos, tutorials, and high-level discussions. The live Q&A sessions are always a highlight as they give you, our audience, the chance to interact with the experts. We enjoy seeing what sessions and questions drive the most engagement. 

If you missed a session that you wanted to attend, don't worry! Every single Live Session that aired this week will be available on demand.


Thank You

From everyone here at All About Circuits, we say thank you.

Thank you to DigiKey for sponsoring this event:



Thank you to our Keynote Session sponsor, Mouser Electronics:



Thank you also to our amazing keynote guests and our brilliant and charming keynote host, the one and only Daniel Bogdanoff. If you enjoyed Daniel's keynote discussions, be sure to check out our Moore's Lobby podcast for more awesome conversations.



Thank you to electronica, our 2024 event partner. We hope to see all of you at their next event in Munich from November 12-15, 2024.  



Thank you to our industry partners who contribute great content and their time to participate in our live sessions:


ITD 2023 exhibitors


Thank you to our presenters for their insights, their poise under pressure, and their willingness to answer your questions.

And, above all else, thank you to our All About Circuits community. Without you, none of this would be possible. 


And the Grand Prize Winners Are...

In addition to prize giveaways at the end of each live session, we were thrilled this year to be able to award not one or two, but five, grand prizes thanks to our generous sponsors, Mouser Electronics and Digikey. 

  • Monday: Meta Quest 3
  • Tuesday: Ruko GPS Drone
  • Wednesday: myPalletizer 260 M5Stack (the most compact 4-Axis robotic arm)
  • Thursday: Ender-3 S1 Pro 3D Printer
  • Friday: Fully loaded InstaLab kit


See You Next Year

We hope you enjoyed Industry Tech Days 2023 and hope you join us again next year! Now, we're going to get some much-needed rest.