The First Eye Tracking Upgrade for AR Glasses

August 06, 2015 by Jennifer A. Diffley

SensoMotoric has integrated complex eye tracking algorithms for more precise analysis of gaze and visual attention.

Augmented reality glasses--as relatively new technology--lacked the precision and sensitivity needed for them to reflect a positive user experience. In other words, they were cumbersome and the calibration was constantly off.

It looks as though that problem has been mostly solved, thanks to SensoMotoric's eye tracking upgrade for augmented reality glasses. 

The upgrade allows for more feasible uses in manufacturing, logistics, technical service, or the medical fields.


“I believe that eye-tracking is one of the last remaining critical interaction mechanisms that will enable digital eyewear to be intuitive for end users and SMI is the clear leader in this space.”--Pete Wassell, CEO and Co-Founder of Augmate

The advanced eyetracking algorithms in the upgrade allow for a more perfect analysis of gaze and visual attention, which means search or inspection procedures can be structured, guided or monitored at the very time the user is performing them.

While the upgrade will undoubtedly be integrated into gaming, its usefulness is applicable in everything from manufacturing to medical fields. Glancing at a patient, for instance, could bring up the relevant medical records and history. Holding ones gaze on a passing train could bring up its timetable. 

Advancements like the latest from SensoMotoric are the kind needed to make AR incorporated into daily life and not merely a superfluous gadget.