Atmel just announced shipment of its ARM Cortex-based MCU's...and they outperform the closest competitors by 50%.

Atmel today announced that is preparing to ship the fastest ARM Cortex-M based MCUs on the market, which means designers should prepare for an MCU that offers more performance and greater connectivity than anything else currently available. ARM, spun off from Acorn computers, has existed since 1990 and its ARM MCUs are embedded into everything from smarphones to treadmilles. The SAM S70 and E70 series are ARM Cortex-M based and are 50% faster than the closest competitor.

The ATSAMV71-XULT evaluation kit


"Our SAM E70 and SAM S70 series deliver a robust memory and connectivity feature set, along with extensive software and third party support, enabling next-generation industrial, consumer and IoT designers the ability to differentiate their applications in a demanding market." - Jacko Wilbrink, Sr. Marketing Director, Atmel Corporation

Atmel has  developed an easy-to-use development platform that allows for makers to bring their designs to market quickly, while still offering the power of their ARM ecosystem. The SAM S70 and E70 Series feature a unique architecture that allows for real-time deterministic code execution and low-latency peripheral data access. 

It's an exciting development in the world of microcontrollers and these MCUs are set to power an entirely new generation of advanced devices.


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