Tekronix and IEMN announce the world's fastest wireless to optical bridge.

As the world relies on exponentially increasing wireless usage, the strain placed on communication transfers could shortly overcome infrastructure limits. Tektronix's newest revelation challenges the assumed limitations set forth by previous wireless systems and transforms speculative technology into a reality. Tektronix and IEMN's partnership has produced a system capable of transmitting speeds at 400 GHz (0.4 THz) using advanced signal coding (up to QAM-16) and key advanced THz devices.

"As we have shown in this demonstration, the gap between the worlds of fiber-optics and radio can be bridged using photonic-based THz circuits," said Guillaume Ducournau, an assistant professor at IEMN/CNRS/University Lille 1 working on THz communication systems. 

The new system is exciting for several reasons, but proves that THz frequencies and optical-equivalent data rates can be fully operational. Though the partnership between Tektronix (known for producing oscilloscopes) and IEBN (a prestigious French laboratory) is peculiar, the results speak for themselves. Moving forward, this technology may well provide the solution for an information-hungry society outgrowing an outdated wireless model. 


SOURCE: Tektronix