What We Want For Christmas

December 12, 2015 by Jennifer A. Diffley

We polled a bunch of designers and engineers to see what they were asking for this Christmas. Here's the list!

We polled a bunch of designers and engineers to see what they were asking for this Christmas. Here's the list!

"I'd like a function generator, and a bench power supply. I'd like to get back in to playing with analog components, but there is only so much you can do without being able to generate a variable signal."

BK Precision 4003A 4 MHz DDS Function Generator and B&K Precision 100W Multirange Bench Top Power Supplier

"Honestly? All I want is some chill time with my girlfriend. We're both engineers and senior year has been really intense. Other than that... Maybe one of those USB oscilloscopes."

Hantek 6022BE PC-based USB 2CH Digital Oscilloscope

"I'd love an oscilloscope. But that's a pipe dream currently."

Keysight 3000T Series


"If I was asking for gifts... A Saleae Logic 8 would be the only thing on my list."


The Saleae Logic 8

"An embedded Linux video course. Free is even better."

The Linux Foundation (free)

"Can someone get me an abitrary signal generator? Maybe to like 50Mhz would be nice."

The 4075B Series Arbitrary/Function Waveform Generator


"A space station."

International Space Station "ISS"


"One of the new $5 Raspberry Pis."

Raspberry Pi Zero

"An FPGA with lot of IO would be nice."


The Spartan-6 FPGA

"I asked Santa for a Chromebox, which I'll remove the limited ChromeOS and replace it with Linux."

ASUS Chromebox

"I need more storage boxes--things get messy after you order a few thousand components."

Storage boxes galore.

"Better probe tips for my multimeter."

Fluke TL80A Basic Electronic Test Lead Kit

"The 2014 FIDE approved world chess championship chess set."

World Chess Championship Chess Set

"56" 11 drawer tool cabinet, the matching 56" 7 drawer tool chest, and matching 16" side box."


Masterforce 56" 11-drawer tool cabinet

"Here is what the wife surprised me with. Totally unexpected. I had borrowed one from a Ham buddy, she called him to find out what he thought I wanted."

RigExpert AA-600 - Antenna Analyzer

"A powerful, sturdy bench supply. That's at the top of my list."


Rigol DP832 Triple Output 195 Watt Power Supply

"A cheap FPGA and uprocessor built into one!"

Mojo V3


Did we miss something on your wish list... Leave a comment and share what you would like to see on your work bench.