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Ep.2 | Risk vs. Innovation: Electrical Engineers and Emerging Technologies in 2020

Episode #2 / 42:07 / May 18, 2020 by Dave Finch
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When should engineers take risks in the name of innovation?

Most engineers are natural innovators. But what does innovation look like for the typical electrical engineer? And how can we take part in innovation if our company culture doesn't support it?

This week, host Dave Finch digs into three conversations that paint a picture of what innovation looks like for EEs in 2020.

You'll hear a CEO who's made a career out of innovation explain how to bring your ideas to life without getting eaten alive by corporate "antibodies." You'll hear an expert in silicon carbide explain the challenges and benefits of innovating through the early adoption of new technologies. And you'll hear from an engineer who runs a department of one in a company culture that prioritizes innovation.


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The Voices of the Electronics Industry

Here are the voices you'll hear this week share their experiences.


Phil McKinney

President and CEO at CableLabs


Jianwen Shao

Power Applications Manager at Wolfspeed, A Cree Company


Laura Callahan

Senior Electrical Design Engineer at DEKOR Lighting